Yes Means No at YesImprint

YesImprint is owned and operated by marketers just like you, so we can say with confidence that we get you. You have a budget to stick to, your time is valuable, and you want positive results. And we're all too familiar with the tricks used by other promotional products companies to make your job more difficult. We look at these misleading practices and we say "NO!"

Yes = No

NO Hidden Charges - Some of our customers already have high-quality images of their logos that we can imprint onto our products, but that's not always the case. Often our art team will need to make some refinements to bring everything together. Other times, one of our designers will need to create a new logo from scratch. Wherever your needs fall within that spectrum, you won't pay a single cent more.

NO Setup Fees - When you go to a car dealership, the price on the windshield includes the tires. When you buy cereal at the grocery store, there isn't a separate cost for the box it comes in. So why do some promotional products companies charge extra for imprinting? Because they want you to flex your budget. We don't like that. Imprinting is our job, and we won't ask you to pay extra to have us do it. Whether you choose laser engraving, debossing, embroidery or multicolor screen printing, the price you see on our product page is the price you'll pay. 

NO Fluff - It's common for companies in our industry to load their online catalogs with "fluff"—cheap, unattractive products chosen specifically to funnel your attention to the more profitable alternatives. Instead of making you waste your time wading through scores of unsellable filler items, we choose to spend our time identifying the promotional products that will deliver the greatest return on your investment. We often have comically long discussions with each other about whether a product is too bulky, too complicated, too gimmicky, too '80s or—worse yet—not '80s enough. Every product in our catalog is there because we honestly believe that it's going to be the best choice for someone.

No surprises, no gimmicks. We don't want to make your day more complicated; we just want to make your day.