Yes We Care

We Care

We believe that companies of all sizes should contribute to the community. The joy obtained in sharing one’s prosperity with those in need is really special. That is why we started the Yes We Care program from day one. Our efforts to support charitable organizations come in two forms:

  • Special Discounts for Charity Organizations – YesImprint offers reduced prices for verified charity organizations. If you would like to make a purchase on behalf of a non-profit company, please send an email to
  • Zero-profit Resale of Select Products for Social Enterprises – YesImprint has formed alliances with a number of social welfare foundations and charity organizations to resell and personalize their promotional products without making a profit. This way, we can help these organizations raise funds and help our clients save money. If you belong to such an organization and would like to cooperate with us, please send an email to

Many small contributions can add up to make a significant difference. The most important thing you can do is believe in your own ability to change the world.