Engaging your Customers through Empowerment (Promotional Products Blog)

I have a favorite Scandinavian furniture store. It’s probably your favorite, too. The prices are relatively low because they produce their pieces at high volume, they ship them in a efficient manner, and most of their furniture is not preassembled. That last part is the focus of today’s “Let’s Get Inspired” discussion.

We often expect to spend less when we do something ourselves because we value our time. But there is also value in the experience of crafting something.

Do I like the low prices? I certainly do. Do the showroom layouts fill me with boundless optimism? Of course. Am I thrilled by the scent of Swedish meatballs? Absolutely. But those are all just icing on the princess cake. The main reason I go to my favorite Scandinavian furniture store is because I’m excited by the prospect of bringing home pieces and turning them into something greater. I get to build something. It’s an accomplishment, a challenge completed.

If you can instill within your customers that same sense of accomplishment, you’ll engage them in a way that adds substantial value to your brand. What can you do to empower your customers?

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